Edgar Ulysses Rico

— AKA —

Rico Nasty

Young Fidel


The man, the myth, the legend. Not only is Edgar a future fictional character in one of Wes Anderson’s movies, but he also has hella experience in a myriad of concepts.

Edgar hails from the Central Valley of California and graduated from The Culinary Institute of America (the other CIA) in New York. After completing his externship at Craft, operated by Chef Tom Colicchio, Edgar was tapped to join the opening team of an East-Coast-fish-shack-meets-California-cuisine concept called Son of a Gun in LA, with James Beard award-winning Chefs Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook.

Once he departed the seafood temple, Edgar was recruited to assist in the opening of a new fine-dining, and award-winning concept, Trois Mec, with Chef Ludo Lefebvre in LA with an emphasis on intimate French bistronomy.

Moving on to the brunch game, he joined the team at Sqirl with Chef Jessica Koslow at her breakfast lab that redefined the modern California cuisine and was even featured in their book, Everything I Want To Eat.

After he left LA-LA-Land, his journey took him all throughout Mexico - from Monterrey down to the Yucatan. It was here that he staged at Pujol (the Mecca of Mexican fine-dining cuisine), got a lesson or two from abuelitas in Oaxaca, and still continues to draw inspiration from everything he encountered in between.

Rounding out his experience in catering and events, Edgar made the move to where everything is bigger and better - Austin, Texas - to become the Chef de Cuisine of The Peached Tortilla’s event space, Peached Social House.

Throughout Edgar’s life, there have been experiences that have reaffirmed his destiny in maiz. Nixta Taqueria is the culmination of who he is and what food means to him - imaginative creations that are steeped in technique, history, tradition and finesse.

Favorite phrases:
— No Mames!
— Orale, pues.
— Ooouuuuuuu.


*Not* Chef

Sara Mardanbigi

— AKA —

Bigi Smalls

Ol’ hammerhead thumbs


Sara is a NWA-native. You know. The other NWA. Arkansas. The Natural State. Where neighbors stop to chat with you and always wave/say hi to each other (and it’s not weird). It’s also where her dad cages raccoons to then release into the wilderness a few miles away (classic Fred).

Doing absolutely nothing with her Finance degree from The University of Tulsa (gooooooo Golden Hurricane. Singular. The mascot looks like french toast), Sara slipped into the field of International Education at ISA in Austin, Texas. After meeting all of her best friends and assisting thousands of students with professional development as the Director of Alumni Relations, Sara switched gears to work at Peached Social House as the Senior Events Coordinator for all corporate events and SXSW activations. Event management can be glamorous (she did get to meet Tony Bourdain), but it also involves spilling a bunch of brisket juice all over you and your car multiple times each week.

It was here that Sara met Edgar - it was her last week at Peached before transitioning to Torchy’s Tacos as a Talent Engagement Manager, and his first week at Peached. She may or may not have slid into his DM’s to holler.

Sara has now lived in Austin for 9 years, and it’s the place that makes her heart pitter-patter with excitement every time she flies or drives back in to town. It’s somewhere that has had a profound impact on her life, and she is ready to give back to Austin’s fine and kooky-ass citizens. This, coupled with her Persian hospitality and quest for nice bathrooms without murder lights (you know the ones - makes everyone look like a gremlin), are what she’s looking forward to doing. Sara will be handling some operations stuff, some social stuff, some design stuff, and some everything stuff for Nixta.

Points of interest:
— Warm milk puts her right to bed.
— She has a fake fiance named Mark. They met at Arby’s.
— Edgar cooked a whole goat underground for her 30th Doublequince/GOAT party.